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Credit Analysis & Credit Report Writing

If you have an existing banking relationship to call upon to fund your next property transaction, why not do it professionally?

We speak your language and the bank’s language: Enhance your chance of a positive outcome by letting Link Commercial Mortgages do your (and your bank’s) work for you. The likely result may be a greater chance of success in your finance application as well as better pricing and other terms from your bank.

Link Commercial Mortgages can produce a profession Commercial Credit Memorandum, professional in content and in presentation, and submit it directly to your bank’s credit committee…it’s a completely confidential service.

Even if you are an entrenched bank customer, in many cases we may be able to identifying a range of alternative debt structures, advise on the most appropriate pricing and security structures, and renegotiate competitive loan, lease, and other debt facilities on your behalf and negotiate final security documentation.

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