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Deposit Bonds

Deposit Bonds are a resource-effective alternative to paying a deposit on the exchange of contracts to purchase property: why tie-up your cash resources or equity in other property in paying a 10% deposit on a forward, off-the-plan property purchase? Link Commercial Mortgages Pty Limited may arrange the issue of a Deposit Bond to cover the required 10% deposit for up to 36 months.

Deposit Bonds are common in the residential property market; however, Link Commercial Mortgages is one of the limited channels through which Commercial Deposit Bonds, for commercial / industrial property purchases, may be issued.

The early-mid 2000s saw a number of sub prime grade Deposit Bond issuers collapsed leaving pre-sales on many projects un-covered: an easy “out” for a pre-purchaser in a falling market.

With Deposit Bonds arranged via Link Commercial Mortgages being only from “triple-A rated” financial institutions, you will comply with your project financier’s rigid pre-sale security requirements and you are assured peace-of-mind.

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