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Equity Partnering 

The principle, “50% of something is better than 100% of nothing” sums it up.

In the case where you have developed a project to a certain stage, but lack the equity or financial capacity to complete and realize the project return, Link Commercial Mortgages may introduce the required equity to your project.

From time to time, our clients (individuals and institutions) may have available cash resources to invest for a return and are seeking opportunities to diversify their investment risk by partnering with other professional investors via either Joint Venture or Project Buy-In.

The terms will vary depending on the different factors of each specific project and are ultimately subject to negotiation between the parties.

We understand the risk profiles of many of our private clients and their appetite for investment opportunities. We prepare a full Investment Memorandum on your behalf and present it discretely to a discerned short-list from our client base.

Our discrete and professional approach may greatly improve the Private Equity Market demand for your transaction.

A “win-win” situation is mutually beneficial to both our valued clients.


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