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Investment Finance

Link Commercial Mortgages provides finance facilities to assist funding the purchase or refinance of almost any commercial or industrial property, providing also for equity extraction, business financing, portfolio restructuring, and debt consolidation.

Each commercial property transaction differs from the other. Link Commercial Mortgages tailors specific finance solutions to suit borrower requirements: no “sausage machine” approach here.

Investment Finance guidelines - Quick Reference:

Loan Size Up to $130,000,000 is feasible
Loan Term Commercial loan contracts of 1- 5 Years, or 15 Year P&I available
Loan Purpose To purchase, refinance, restructure, consolidate, and extract equity
Interest Rate Go to   Interest Rates 
Interest Payment Interest-Only, Payable Monthly or Quarterly In Arrears by direct debit.
Principal reduction options available to suit borrower cash flow.
Principal Reduction Without penalty while on Variable Interests; break-costs may apply on early termination of fixed tem loan contracts
Transaction Costs Contact Us for an indicative quote
Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) 65%-70% LVR Standard Exposure; but up to 80% LVR may be feasible
Security Property Commercial, Industrial, Retail property, Rural, and some special-use properties, almost anywhere in Australia
Loan Servicing Requirement Demonstrable loan servicing is required: calculated using a combination of Financial Statement information and Lease information with allowable add-backs & other considerations

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