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Other Professional Services

Through our network of associated industry professionals, Link Commercial Mortgages can outsource a wide number of professional services relating to property and finance and instruct these professionals on your behalf according to industry requirements:

  • Valuation: Pre-application valuation can give a clearer picture of funding options available.
  • Quantity Surveying: Project Cost Management, Building Contract advice & preparation, Contract Administration, Tender Documentation, Sinking Fund Analysis, and Tax Depreciation Schedules
  • Property Law: Conveyancing, Mortgage Law, Lease Preparation, Contract Preparation & Review, and Litigation
  • Tax Effective Structures: Specialist Taxation Attorneys and Accountants to structure Investment Vehicles with the focus on mitigating the impact of future tax liabilities and advise on GST liabilities.
  • Surveying: Boundary mapping and Building Survey Certificates.
  • Architecture: Design of residential property projects.
  • Building & Maintenance: To build your new home, or to extend and/or renovate your existing property
  • Property Insurance Services.
  • Strata Management and Company Title Secretarial/Management.
  • Property Leasing & Management.
  • Advice on Leasing Terms, Market Conditions, Demographic Analyses.

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