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To its borrower clients, Link Commercial Mortgages provides a link to the Non Bank Financial Institution sector for property and business finance, which may not otherwise be readily accessible on a direct basis.

Our borrower clients typically are; property investors and developers, most of which are self-employed with long established successful businesses.

Our borrower clients either are; individuals, small private companies and trusts, special purpose vehicles, and some listed companies. Many have been with us since the beginning and continue to enjoy The LINK Advantage.


In providing a service to its borrower Clients, Link Commercial Mortgages creates investment opportunities for Non Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs), which hold funds for investment according to their respective investment policies - It’s a matter of “courses for horses” and we keep up-to-date on this.

We are under contract to our NBFI lender clients to originate, manage, review, and roll-over our portfolio of commercial mortgage investments.

NBFIs allocate their funds for investment in various risk classes, such as; Australian and international equities, fixed interest securities, direct property investment, first mortgage investment secured by investment grade commercial & industrial properties, and some mezzanine / second mortgage lending.

NBFIs remain “property focused”, flexible, and commercial in their approach to their investment decision. This type of property finance is suitable for any property purchase, refinance, or development.

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