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The LINK Advantage

The benefits available from securing wholesale style commercial mortgage finance from Link Commercial Mortgages include direct financial benefits as well as other indirect benefits:
  • Personalised professional service
  • Single point of contact for your complete financing needs
  • Lower wholesale style Interest Rates
  • Flexible Loan Structures to suit borrower needs
  • Quick Approval  and  Uncomplicated Settlement process
  • No cross-securing with other properties, ie; stand-alone finance facility
  • High-level gearing on Project Finance exposures
  • No Annual Reviews
  • No on-going bank fees or account costs, and no bank treasury margins
Link Commercial Mortgages provides you with a single point of contact for your property and business finance needs. Our personalised and professional service includes the ability to meet with you personally at your home, office, or on-site, and at a time convenient to you.

Non Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) are different to banks in appearance, structure, products, and approach to business. The benefits here to the borrower are flexible loan structures to suit your needs and specific situation.

Lending institutions each have different lending policies, guidelines, appetites, and areas of specialty and these change from time to time. It is our business to maintain up-to-date market knowledge in order to best serve our borrower clients’ needs.

Link Commercial Mortgages prepares comprehensive a Credit Memorandum, according to the information and formatting requirements of respective NBFI clients, which are usually rubber stamped by the funds manager, enabling us to provide you with prompt credit approvals. This is the result of building successful working relationships and mutual trust with our funds managers over many years.

Unexpected hick-ups may sometimes occur towards loan settlement. Specialist property lawyers and our NBFI lender clients’ commercial approach often enable the resolution of these impediments towards satisfactory and timely loan settlements…we work closely with both the borrower’s & lender’s solicitors.

To lend money, banks must first borrow that money from the Financial Markets. They do this via their
Treasury Divisions, to which banks’ Business Units pay a Treasury Margin: this is added to a bank’s interest rate; but is usually not transparent to the borrower. Bank treasury margins can range from about 0.10% to 0.50% and more. Our NBFI lenders’ funds attract no treasury margins.

Banks’ other add-on costs and fees include; bill roll-over fees, account servicing fees, line fees, etc. These contribute to the billions of dollars of profits posted each year by banks. Our Institutional lenders have wholesale funds available for which there are no on-going fees or hidden charges.

Banks charge interest Monthly or Quarterly in Advance; our NBFI lenders charge Monthly in Arrears and even Quarterly in Arrears: a simple discounted cash flow analysis will quickly demonstrate the True Cost of Debt differential between bank and NBFI regimens. The result to the borrower is lower wholesale style interest rates. When a bank conducts a quarterly or half-yearly review of your loan, it costs you money indirectly by taking you away from your work and directly in accounting fees to prepare interim financial reports to meet the bank’s requirements. Our NBFI loans are set-and-forget…there are no annual reviews.

Because banks’ revenues are almost wholly fee driven, they prefer you to amortise your loan over a set term, recycling the money so they can re-lend it to generate more fee income. Our NBFI loans have no amortization requirements but provide the borrower options to repay principal at will.

Link Commercial Mortgages will help you to control your assets and to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Banks invariably take cross-secure and take mortgages over your home and other properties and projects. This restricts your ability to raise further funds in future and the way you run your business and manage your affairs. Our NBFI finance solutions are stand-alone facilities, free of cross-collateralisation.

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