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Title Insurance

Title Insurance is a type of indemnity against financial loss from an imperfect security, ie; from defects in title to real property and from the invalidity or unenforceability of mortgage security protecting a lender’s financial interest in real property.

In arranging mortgage finance to be secured by registered first mortgage over real property, Link Commercial Mortgages may arrange for Title Insurance for the benefit of the borrower in expediting settlement of a mortgage matter that may require urgent settlement. In most cases, the Title Insurance premium (payable once off) may be less expensive that engaging a property lawyer and ordering all the required searches & enquiries.

Title Insurance underwrites the lender’s security in real property. This allows a mortgage finance loan to settle in relatively no time at all by avoiding the time consuming, usually cumbersome, and often expensive process of the borrower’s solicitor responding to a long list of the lender’s solicitor’s requirements and enquiries. For example, the standard requirements for Council Building Certificates, Survey Reports, Zoning Certificates, Occupancy Certificates, Rates’ & Land Tax Enquiries, etc and what they may reveal are covered by Title Insurance.

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