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What We Do

Link Commercial Mortgages Pty Limited provides flexible finance solutions and facilitates related professional services to commercial & industrial property investors, property developers, business owners, and self-employed professionals.

Wholesale Funds are provided by our institutional clients in the Non Bank Financial Institution (NBFI) sector, including Life Companies, Superannuation Funds Managers, and Trustees. We are under contract to originate and manage commercial mortgages. A long established banking relationship exists to cater for matters requiring alternative attention.

The core of the Link Commercial Mortgages business is funding property transactions: purchase, refinance (including restructuring/optimising debt portfolios), construction, and redevelopment of all property types and sizes: from strata-titled commercial suites and commercial terraces through to large retail centres and office buildings, and, from small town-house developments to major mixed-use projects.

Supplementary property finance solutions include subordinated debt, equity participation, pre-sales underwriting, deposit-bond (commercial/residential), title insurance, and other risk management products and techniques.

Business finance solutions may include business cash flow lending, balance sheet lending, and plant & equipment leasing facilities. These may support property finance solutions or to assist funding business expansion, management buy-outs / buy-ins, Working Capital requirements, debt / equity restructuring, and WACC optimisation.

Relating especially to property finance, The LINK Advantage brings to borrowers numerous benefits of borrowing from the NBFI sector. The benefits may be direct as well as indirect and may become more obvious once one escapes the encumbrances of one’s existing banking relationship.

Please review our Finance Solutions and other Professional Services to see how we may add value to your property and business investment.

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